Date Speaker Title
3rd July 2018 Christine Victim Support, Devizes
17th July 2018 Yvonne Penn The Sailors Society
7th August 2018 Ian C Mead Rails on an Island
21st August 2018 David Bailey A night out on Thurs. 23 September 1943
4th September 2018 Bjorn Watson Burma - Kohima and Slims Revenge
18th September 2018 Paul Booy Anthony Blunt - Soviet Spy
2nd October 2018 Barry Cooper The History of Lyneham
16th October 2018 Colin Thomas Serendipity Ringers
6th November 2018 Bill King Aftermath of Peace 1918 - 39
20th November 2018 Gerry Churchard Bernard Montgomery
4th December 2018 Robert MacLachlan What happened at Chernobyl?
18th December 2018   Christmas Celebration
Speakers whose names are printed in Italics are members of Devizes Probus